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Quantitative Risk Analysis Services

While qualitative analysis techniques may suffice for smaller projects, larger, more important projects demand the stringency and insight that only quantitative analysis techniques can provide.

Quantitative risk analysis techniques allow you to apply a proven mathematical approach to the calculation of appropriate levels of project schedule and cost contingency.

Further, quantitative techniques help us understand the effective cost and schedule risk drivers of projects to help better understand and manage risk / uncertainty.

Quantitative Risk Analysis Methodology

We place equal emphasis on the role that effective risk management and analysis have in exposing and exploiting opportunities, as well as threats, to give you a balanced perspective of your risk exposure.

We believe that risk analysis shouldn’t be a “black box” mystery process, and our consultants will work with your project team to help you understand not only how the outcomes were derived, but also the biggest determinants of uncertainty within your risk model.

Our market leading, independently reviewed Monte Carlo methodology using Primavera Risk Analysis has been successfully applied to a wide range of projects in a variety of industries, including projects worth many billions of dollars in capital value.

See our Knowledge Base for more information, or refer to each of the links above to see how our people can help you better understand your risk exposure and determinants of uncertainty.

Our Quantitative Risk Analysis Services

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Qualitative Risk Management Services

We’re all familiar with the basic concept and functions of qualitative risk management, but are you maximising the value from yours?

Is your organization proactive or reactive to risk? Are your systems and / or processes meeting your organizational needs?

At RIMPL, we work with your organization to facilitate outcomes optimised for your situation.

We understand the difference between “ticking the box” risk management, and value adding solutions that actually increase your chances of meeting your project objectives.

Our Qualitative Risk Management Services

We offer a broad range of qualitative risk management services including:

  • Project risk context establishment including objectives, thresholds, definitions and matrices;
  • Risk rating and identification workshop facilitation;
  • Risk treatment / mitigation including pre and post mitigation assessments of probability, impact, and consequence;
  • Risk treatment effectiveness and semi quantitative cost benefit analysis;
  • Risk management system / procedure rollouts tailored to your organization’s needs and the standards of ISO31000;
  • Corporate risk management talks and education sessions tailored to suit your target audience.

In addition to our consulting services, we also offer secondments of risk management personnel to complement or mentor your existing project risk management team.

Risk Training & Advisory Services

RIMPL is committed to working with its clients to improve the quality of risk management services within Australia and internationally.

We offer risk management and analysis training services covering all aspects of qualitative and quantitative cost and schedule risk.

Our proven methodology covers all stages of the risk and project management lifecycles, and can optionally be supported by our sophisticated suite of risk software.

In addition to running one-off training sessions, we will support and foster a culture of risk-based decision making in your organisation, working side by side with your employees as they come to grips with the processes & complexities of their risk management & analysis systems.

We’ve developed, delivered and trained staff in schedule and cost risk management systems for some of the biggest projects and contractors in Australia.

How can we help you improve your company’s risk management and analysis capabilities?