RIMPL has agreements/arrangements with the following organisations...

Validation Estimating LLC (ValidEst) of Virginia USA provides Parametric + Expected Value (P+EV) modelling methodology and software to RIMPL, enabling RIMPL to offer P+EV assessments of cost and schedule contingencies of projects small and large and to incorporate Parametric assessments of Systemic Risk in P+SRA and P+CPM-based ICSRA contingency assessments.

Safran Software AS (Safran) of Stavanger Norway, provides Project Planning and Quantitative Risk Analysis software applications Safran Project (SP) and Safran Risk (SR) worldwide.  RIMPL has an informal arrangement with Safran to provide software advisory inputs. 

Allinno Pty Ltd is the Australian and New Zealand distributor of Safran Risk (TM) CPM-based Monte Carlo Simulation software.  RIMPL has an agreement with Allinno to provide SRA training courses to Allinno clients.  RIMPL has also provided informal advisory services to Allinno.