Past Experience

Schedule Risk Analyses

RIMPL's team started performing Schedule Risk Analyses (SRAs) in 2003, using Oracle's Primavera Risk Analysis, then known as Pertmaster.
An SRA training course was developed in 2004 and developed, refined and delivered over the years that followed, including a custom-built SRA course for Leighton Contractors to complement their corporate training in planning and risk analysis, in 2012.
In 2018, through its agreement with Validation Estimating, Inc, (see below), and development of its own methodology, RIMPL combined parametric modelling of systemic risk with SRA to complement P+EV contingency assessments.

In the period 2020 to 2023, RIMPL developed a 2-day SRA training course based on Risk Factors, utilising Safran Risk (SR).  RIMPL delivered the course for the first time in mid-2023. 

A listing of SRA training and consulting work is available.

Cost and Integrated Cost & Schedule Risk Analyses

RIMPL's team began performing Cost Risk Analyses in 2006 and CPM-based Integrated Cost & Schedule Risk Analyses (ICSRAs) in 2008.  They developed the ICSRA software and methodology from late 2005 and continued refining it until 2015.

In late 2017, RIMPL was invited to represent Validation Estimating, Inc. (ValidEst) and a Memorandum of Understanding was signed.

Through its agreement with ValidEst,  since 2019, RIMPL has been performing Parametric assessment of Systemic Risk  + Expected Value assessment of Critical , Project-specific Risk Events  (P+EV)  as per AACE International Recommended Practice  113R-20.
Also based on its agreement with ValidEst, and through developing its own methodology, RIMPL has been combining  Parametric assessment of systemic risk with CPM-based ICSRAs (P+IRA) since 2018, as per AACE RP 117R-21.

A tabulated list of these jobs is available from RIMPL.