2 Day SRA Training Course 

RIMPL has developed a 2 day Schedule Risk Analysis training course based on the Risk Factors approach using Safran Risk (TM) (SR).  Assistance in developing the course was generously provided by Santosh Bhat of Australasian Project Planning.

The course builds on our extensive experience of developing and delivering Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) training courses for Oracle's Primavera Risk Analysis (R). (PRA), from 2004 until 2019.  Our Principal has delivered SRA training to organisations all over Australia and has integrated the training into corporate business processes for major Australian companies.

The SR Training Course covers most functionality of SR and includes previews into using SR beyond SRA to cover Integrated Cost & Schedule Risk Analysis (ICSRA) and incorporating past project performance into QRAs.

The first 15 pages of the course including the Table of Contents, a Glossary of Terms and most of the first module is available below.

Training is provided to corporate client planners and risk practitioners but can also be delivered to individuals where sufficient demand exists.  Contact us for more information.